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Fruit & Vegetable Development Project
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Fruit & Vegetable Development Project was launched by Government of the Punjab, Agriculture Department as a pilot project in 10 districts from July 2005 to June 2010, with two main missions.

Mission 1: Enhancement of quality production of fruits and vegetables with value addition for sustainable supply from farm to fork with ultimate goal to increase the farmer's profitability and alleviation of poverty by educating the farming community through the well defined approach of Farmer Field School (FFS).

Mission 2: Production of true to type and disease free quality fruit plants by establishing Germplasm Units (GPU) of mango, citrus & peaches according to the international standards.

FVDP Activities in Motion
Aims & Objectives
Alleviation of poverty and improvement in the living standards of the farming community through diversification of high value fruit and vegetable crops production.

Capacity enhancement of farming community in fruit & vegetable production on modern lines through FFS approach.

Training of farming community for production of off-season vegetables through Tunnel Technology and usage of hybrid seeds in open field vegetable production.

Minimize the use of pesticides through integrated pest management.

Popularization of High Density Plantation and Canopy Management practices in mango and citrus orchards for maximum production.

Popularization of biological control of fruit fly in mango and citrus orchards.

Reduction in post harvest losses through the use of improved harvesting techniques.

Monthly Recommendations
Germ Plasm Units
Germ Plasm Unit is a place having following criteria used for production of true to type, disease free nursery plants according to International standards of WTO regime, for their further multiplication through nursery men.


Isolation upto 1 kilometer radius from the same family plants

Fit irrigation water

Fit Soil

Technical expertise

Government owned land

Components of GPU

Mother Block
Mother Block is the heart of the GPU, as the mother blocks are source of propagating material for the establishment of the Multiplication Block and any subsequent increase in the size of the Multiplication Block. For security it is usual to have two mother trees of each variety in a mother block. Before planting in the mother block, all mother trees have to be tested to be negative to viruses and also free of other diseases. It is further divided into two portions, scion and root stock.

Multiplication Block
Multiplication Block is the production unit of the GPU, where high health status propagules are produced for distribution to registered nursery men, who put together the complete fruit trees for sale to the orchard growers. The propagule production include producing of bud wood and grafting wood and root stock-seed trees and trees for cuttings etc. like mother block, trees gown in multiplication block are monitored on a periodic basis for varietal integrity and health status.
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